Vata Pacifying Workshop


Learn how to balance your body and mind with food, yoga, daily morning routine and more.

Next class: Sunday, Sept. 25th

10am – 1pm


Rosseau Nursing Station

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September brings a big change. You can feel it in the air, the quality is cooler, crispier, drier. We are entering Vata season and it’s time to change your routine to stay balanced and avoid getting sick in winter.

Will begin with Vata pacifying 1h yoga class for beginners, then will enjoy light  Kitchari Lunch  ( cooked by me ) and we will talk about:

  • elements, their quality and energy
  • food / fall diet and the importance of shifting with season
  • cleanses and detoxes appropriate for this time of the year
  • oils for your daily Abhyanga and the importance of it
  • daily morning routine and so much more…

Will teach you all you need to know to be ready and transition to Autumn with ease!