Each Mala is intuitively handmade with intention for the wearer.

Every Mala is a unique string of 108 beads with a Guru Bead at the head of the loop.

Guru Beads are used to create intention within the wearer and serve as a reminder of the purpose for sitting in your meditation. Each Mala has a specially selected tassel that represents connection to the spirit and your highest truth.

Tassels are not only beautiful and meaningful; they can also serve for diffusing your favourite essential oils. Divine Intentions Malas are made with care from naturally sourced gemstones and precious stones to order. For your custom order Mala, stones are chosen intuitively according to your dosha and your energetic needs.

Hindu and Buddhist followers have used Malas for thousands of years to count prayers and enhance meditation. Now, Mala beads have become popular in the west and their meaning has expanded beyond religious origins.

Each wearer develops a unique relationship with their Mala. Some wear them as a daily reminder or affirmation, while others use them for meditation.