Mala Making Workshop


Explore the science of Japa Meditation, learn about Mala and Mantra and how it all helps to create more space in your life. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer called Japa Meditation “Getting in the gap meditation”

Next workshop: Thursday, June 9th @5:30pm



26 James St. Parry Sound




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Gather with us at Moon and Heart the lifestyle boutique, located at 26 James Street in Parry Sound

Experience Japa Meditation and create your own Mala. Explore gemstones, feel their energy and pick ones that gravitate to you. 

You will be guided through the process of making your own knotted mala. As you create, you will have the opportunity to infuse your mala with the power of your intention! 

Infused with your own intention, your Mala can be a powerful tool for personal transformation, empowerment and mindful living.

June 9th ~ 5:30pm 

July 21st ~ 5:30pm

August 11th ~ 5:30pm

Sept 1st ~ 5:30pm

111$ +hst 

A variety of gemstones and all materials needed will be provided.

In this workshop you also have an option of making a beaded Mala, Rudraksha Mala or wooden Mala.

Snacks and drinks will be served.

Let me know if you have any requests or questions 🙂

A Mala ( the Sanskrit name for ‘garland’) is a set of beads traditionally worn and used for meditation.

Malas are made of 108 beads and serve to keep count of the wearers affirmations by focusing their awareness and staying mindful in the present moment.

In this workshop you will:

Discover the science of Japa Meditation.

Recognize the power of Mantra.

Learn about Mala. 

Listen to Mantra.

Explore gemstone collection and pick ones that gravitate to you.



If you have questions regarding this workshop.