“Any action done with beauty and purity, and in complete harmony of body, mind and soul is art.  In this way art elevates the artist.  As Yoga fulfills the essential need of art, it is an art”
BKS Lyengar

Yoga in Rosseau  

Wellness Room, Nursing Station,  17 Victoria W, Rosseau On. 
July and August only. Sundays 11 am  

Gentle Prana Flow Vinyasa All Levels
Classes focus on connecting movement and breath, building strength and balance.
Yoga Price List:
Drop In $15
10 Classes $130

Yoga for Seniors

September thru to June

Gentle Chair Yoga, focus on improving mobility, strengthen the body and calm the mind.
Classes are Free of charge, bring your own yoga mat

Currently teaching at:

Orrville Community Centre      Mondays 10am

                                                                   Thursdays 6pm

 Also Booking for :

Private Yoga Sessions personalized one on one classes
Group Yoga Classes Bachelorette parties, Birthdays and other occasions

One on one private yoga for seniors

Mala making group Workshops
To inquire more info please contact.