Larimar and Obsidian 108 Mala Necklace


Larimar Obsidian Mala Necklace 108 beads 6mm with Brown Tassel

Meditation Intention: Harmony

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Obsidian helps to protect the very sensitive against depression.  It symbolizes self control and resilience.
The Obsidian properties are also known for their stabilizing and grounding effects, making it an excellent crystal for reigning in scattered energies.
Obsidian brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion.  Obsidian expands your consciousness and helps you enter the realm of the unknown with confidence and ease.


Obsidian crystal brings a strong presence with its powerful grounding properties. When your head is lost in the clouds, Obsidian makes an excellent tonic for restoring a harmonious balance between your spiritual self and the physical world of reality. Use the Obsidian properties to anchor yourself with strength and patience needed to overcome challenges, no matter how long the journey takes.

Stone that can promote relaxation and calm.

Larimar’s connection with the element of water – which is the element that rules our emotions – means that it is a wonderful stone to use for anxiety related to emotional issues, such as that caused by relationships, social anxiety, guilt.

It has an emotional healing effect that will assist you in overcoming self-sabotaging behaviour, such as martyr complexes, learned helplessness, or developing a narrative of self-victimization.

It will also help you communicate with others.
This stone can harmonize energies and lead to better relationships between people who may have different priorities, interests, or even entire world views.  Use larimar to help you develop these harmonizations.

Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.


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